Belize 2013 Team Bulletin 2

Hello again from Belize! Today was a long, but uplifting day. We started out with a birthday song for our three birthday boys–Dwight, Roy, and Bob Musgrave–two of whom had round numbers in their ages. Then on to a delicious buffet style breakfast including fresh brewed coffee. (Apparently, our hotel is the only place that actually brews coffee here. Everyone else uses instant–UGH! Praise God for our hotel!)

We then went to Sunday School (which is what they call their church service). We were primarily in charge of the service with Pastor Juan guiding us along. We were led in a couple songs and then Bob Carlson introduced our group. Then 2 of us gave our testimonies (Heather and Stanley). Next the entire team got up and sang “It is Well” for the congregation. Bob C had some copies he handed out to the congregation as well. Then, Pastor Dunn shared a message concerning the vision statement of Prince of Peace and how like using glasses helps us see better and live safer lives, God’s word gives us vision and guides us into holy living. Part of that vision is to spread God’s word to all the world Mt. 28:18-20.

After this great service we went to a fantastic lunch at RD’s. So far, it seems that Belizeans like to serve a whole lot of chicken. (We’ve had it at every meal except dinner and breakfast–poor Bob Musgrave)

Then we had a short break before heading out to canvas the neighborhood, inviting kids to VBS. It was very very hot and sunny–not a day not to have a hat. We thoroughly enjoyed shady trees. We all split up to cover more ground with some of the congregants guiding us around. A finny little story here: Most people speak Spanish but many people speak English too. Someone taught us how to say “Come to VBS” in Spanish. So I decided to try it with the first kid I came to. It was great! I pronounced everything perfectly. Then the boy said, “No entiendo Espanol” which means, “I don’t understand Spanish”. It was hilarious. So I handed him an invitation and said, “Well, then come to Vacation Bible School at the Prince of Peace tomorrow!”

Next we had another very short break before heading back to the church for the evening service. We sang “In Christ Alone” at this service. By the way, the lovely Bettina Burns was also in attendance at both of the services today, and she was gracious enough to join us in singing as well!

The ladies of the church served us a fantastically unique dinner of scrambled eggs and hotdogs (together), bean paste and the yummiest bread called fried chak (I’m not sure if I caught the word exactly, but it was fried and delicious.) Someone suggested that it tasted like funnel cake without the sugar.

After this we fought off mosquitoes and decorated the church for VBS. The theme is HayDay–a farm theme focusing on growing in our friendship with Christ. Then a super brief meeting and to bed!

Tomorrow we look forward to a great day of VBS, wall/fence building, electrical repair. soccer and all around fun! See you then!

The view from our hotel room.
The view from our hotel room.
Bob Musgrave and Pastor   Juan
Bob Musgrave and Pastor Juan