Belize 2013 Team Bulletin Day 6

Whew! What a week it’s been! VBS is finally over (mixed emotions there). The wall work has been accomplished (at least what our team had set out to do, there is some plastering of sorts to finish up), but the electrical team did not quite reach the goal they were looking for today. As a result, a little more than half will be staying here to finish the work on the church. And everyone is content with the arrangement. We are here to do God’s work and there are only so many who can actually do the electrical work being as there are limited tools available, and any more would be “under foot” as it were. (Not to mention, some ditz (ahem, yes, it’s me) forgot to pack her husband’s swimming trunks, and he happens to have the electrical plan in his head.

So tomorrow will be an adventure I can’t wait to share with you…tomorrow.

As for today, our numbers were a bit fewer in VBS but it seemed they still all had a great time. It seemed to go by so quickly. In the afternoon, we finally finished off the last of the varnishing and they are definitely darker and shinier…I just hope our amatuer work is not too revolting for them. For part of the afternoon, I was invited to go down into the kitchen and help the ladies make tortillas (only because I ranted and raved the day we had them before and then as Emanuel began to tell me how to make it, he suggested I watch the ladies sometime) The tortillas ended up being made into empanadas which were actually really delicious, even the ones I made weren’t too bad, I guess.) I hope I may remember how and do it again at home sometime. It was a real treat to spend time with the ladies talking and cooking together.

After dinner the men worked until it was dark to at least get one outside light working and two others inside as well. Yay!! The word is that it should all be completed by the end of the day tomorrow, barring any other unexpected issues. Glen actually spent the whole afternoon/evening with the help of Dave and Stanley (the taller ones) working on the existing electrical box trying to straighten it out and actually move it to an out of the way place.

The ladies did our best to clean up everything from VBS and determine what should stay (almost everything) and what should be taken home or even chucked out.

Then we said some sad good-byes to those we knew we wouldn’t see again. We have made some really great friends here and I hope we can continue to keep in touch. We then rode home, had a brief devotional while swatting at mosquitoes and went to bed. I think we’re all looking forward to tomorrow in one way or another.

With all the children we came into contact with and all the professions of faith that were made, I hope and pray that we can remember to pray for the children and families of Belize. They have many of the same troubles we find in inner city areas in the US like dead-beat dads and low income homes and lots of other issues that come up all over as a result of sin. Pastor Juan has such a tender heart for these people. Maybe because he was a teacher and interacts with them regularly, but the Lord has laid these people on his heart and he longs to see them come to know our Savior and Lord. His desire is to see this as well as his own congregation, especially its leaders, draw into a deeper more meaningful relationship with Christ. I pray for Pastor Juan and his wife and children that they would seek to set themselves apart as holy to the Lord.

God is doing something here and I’m so glad that he’s allowed us to see a small part if it.

See you tomorrow for most likely our last blog in Belize.

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